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Here at Tales on Moon Lane we love books, and we also love a list, so we thought we'd combine the two to give you some themed recommended reads of some of our favourite titles!


luna loves library day

Today is Luna's library day. Book bag - check. Library card - check. Adventure with bugs, dinosaurs, magic and DAD - check!

Truly showcases the power of reading for pleasure. We hope it inspires families to read together and find exciting worlds hidden within books.


it's a book

Can it text? Blog? Scroll? Wi-Fi? Tweet? No... it's a book.

Rediscover time away from technology with this hilarious read about discovering the joys of reading for the first time.


nibbles the book monster

Nibbles, the book-eating MONSTER, has nibbled his way out of his own book and now he's causing mischief and mayhem in other people's stories! Look out!

A delightfully interactive experience that will have readers fully involved in following cheeky Nibbles through recognisable fairy-tales. 


The Snatchabook

In every house, in every bed, a bedtime book was being read... Then suddenly, all the animals' story books start disappearing. Is there a book thief? And who could it be? One brave little rabbit sets out to solve the mystery.

A magical tale about the importance of sharing stories. Everyone will want a Snatchabook to come and listen with them.


Franklin's flying bookshop

Franklin the dragon loves stories and loves reading stories to people too, but everyone is too scared of him. His newly found friend Luna has a plan to share their love of books though, through a flying bookshop – right on Franklin’s back!

A touching and original tale about not judging a book by it's cover and encouraging everyone to pick up a book and go on an adventure.

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