The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Following the much acclaimed debut Everything, Everything is Nicola Yoon’s second novel The Sun is also a Star. This is a story unfolding over a course of a single day in New York; told in alternating chapters from Natasha's and Daniel's viewpoints, interwoven with chapters on a variety of subjects in a socio-historic context.

Natasha’s family will be deported to Jamaica in twelve hours. Natasha is practical, a realist, some might say; a cynic. Daniel Jae Ho Bae has an interview at the Yale admissions office to study medicine, but if it was up to him, he would be writing poetry and travelling the world.

A chance encounter entwines their day as they travel around New York in a complicated maze of appointments.

Nicola Yoon writes about her characters with warmth and humour and you want to follow Natasha and Daniel from page to page. Observing their chance encounters with other New Yorkers, the glimpse into their lives painting a brilliant picture of a city simultaneously busy and some times uncaring while full of life changing opportunities.

This is a book about a multicultural city with romantic storyline for even the most cynical realist among us.

Ages 13+

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