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Girl Out of Water

When Lou’s hopes of Olympic swimming stardom are dashed while her best friend swans off to swim training camp she finds it difficult to slot back into normal life after so long immersed in the world of water.

But salvation comes in an unlikely form involving starstruck boys and a very large tank.

A hilarious and sweet story of the perils of navigating teenage life, family and boys. Ages 12+

Reviewed by Julia

A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals

What happens when you are best friends with a lion? Lions are predators after all. On a day
like any other one by one the animals keep on disappearing… Could the Lion be guilty of this dwindling assortment of animals?

A picture book with more plot twists than you can imagine that teaches you not to judge by appearances… and be careful around lions. For fans of Jon Klassen. Ages 3+

Reviewed by Tereze


The Smell of Other People's Houses

An accomplished and heartbreaking coming-of- age novel that entwines lives of five teenagers. The story set against the stark backdrop of the harsh Alaskan climate follows our protagonists as they come to terms with abuse, the loss of childhood friendships and comforts. Unexpected friendships will blossom as they will learn from each other to change, forgive and find new paths for their lives. Ages 14+

Reviewed by Tereze

Steven Seagull

Bay City beach has a problem – someone keeps stealing the sand! The cops are at the end of their wits and they enlist the help of the one and only STEVEN SEAGULL, a renegade ex-cop who does not always follow the rules.

Will Steven have what it takes to find the culprit and restore order in Bay City?
Steven Seagull is rich in detail, full of clues for children to discover and a great tribute to action heroes that the parents will enjoy too!
Ages 3+

Reviewed by Tereze

Raymie Nightingale

Summer of 1975…Raymie Clarke’s father has run off with a dental hygienist. Raymie is determined to achieve something to enable her photo to get in the newspaper, in the hope that her father will see it. So Raymie starts to learn how to twirl a baton and hopefully will win the baton twirling completion.
Raymie becomes friends with two other girls, Beverly and Louisiana, also in the baton twirling class, and they set about solving one another’s problems through a series of adventures.
Does Raymie win the competition and bring her father home? This book is full of humour and displays a number of emotions. It is a story about friendship and dealing with family situations.
Another great novel from Kate DiCamillo.
Ages 9+

Reviewed by Leah

The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence

The debut that we have all been waiting for…

First book in The Uncommoners series, children’s bookseller Jennifer Bell’s thorough understanding of what children love to read strikes you from the opening page.

There is magic in the plot, magic in the words and magic in the minds of everyone who is lucky enough to follow the irrepressible Ivy Sparrow into the extraordinary world of Lundinor.

This is an unputdownable treasure of a book that sweeps you off on the adventures that you most long to be on, with characters that you will want as your closest friends, to places that you will never want to leave. If you really want an amazing summer holiday this year, pack this book. Ages 8+

Reviewed by Tereze but loved by all the team :)

The Bubble Boy

One thing that we know about good books is their amazing ability to develop empathy in the reader; to explore ideas and view-points that arise from experiences that are out of our own realm. The Bubble Boy does this with warmth, quirkiness and a light-hearted touch, vividly engaging the reader in an unusual life.
Joe suffers from a severe immunodeficiency and has grown up in an isolation room in a hospital where the outside world is as unreal to him as his situation is to most people. With the power of the imagination and the writer’s affection for his characters, anything is possible, leaving the reader happy and hopeful about the many different worlds that we each live in.
Ages 9+

Reviewed by Tereze

Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue!

Lovely series of rhyming tales about a little girl called Ava and her invisible cat.
It is holiday time and Ava is very excited about going on holiday to the seaside. But things don’t go according to plan, there is a lot of mischief and mayhem….and Squishy finds himself in trouble, but who is going to save the day?
A new title in the series, just in time for the summer holidays. A great book for Early Readers with a good combination of rhyme and illustrations. A fun book full of adventure.
Ages 5+

Reviewed by Leah

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