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Moon Lane named Book Retailer and Children's Bookseller of the Year at the British Book Awards 2021

May 2021

Founder Tamara Macfarlane:

“For a business that was started in 2003 with a small overdraft we have come a long way. We adapted and pivoted the business and refused to let COVID-19 distract us from our mission. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of supporting children and families reading together. Literacy is vital for the UK’s economic growth. So, pandemic or no pandemic we knew we had to keep on going… We have developed a strong brand which inspires and is trusted, and now we want to continue to grow our revenues with the franchise. If people are interested, I encourage them to reach out and join our mission… The awards are recognition for everyone who has been involved in the business over the last eighteen years; authors, illustrators, publishers, my family, the Moon Lane team, customers, teachers, and most importantly, all the children who have started their reading adventures with us.”


Moon Lane Co-owner Paul Chin:

“Having come to England from Jamaica as a young child, I grew up very aware of being unable to see myself in any of the books that we had at my schools or in the library. The literature of any given culture shapes the narratives and opinions of the people within it. To not see a broad range of cultures and experiences reflected in a positive way within the UK's dominant cultural conversation has allowed stereotypes to thrive, limiting both empathy and social mobility. Joining forces with Tamara and her ongoing work to raise equality in children's books has helped to expand the impact of the work that Moon Lane does, and has given me, personally, an opportunity to play a role in changing this conversation. Winning the highest retail award within the Book Retail industry is a mark of validation, both for the power of innovation within small independent businesses, but also vital recognition of the role that Moon Lane is playing in actively creating clear routes to market for books written and illustrated by people from communities currently under-represented in children's books.”

Moon Lane are hugely grateful to the Bookseller, the judges, and the sponsors Macmillan and Simon and Schuster, for helping to support our work and for books written and illustrated by authors and illustrators from under-represented groups.

Tales on Moon Lane would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you our local community and everyone who has continued to support us over the last year and beyond.

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