KIDS' Reviews

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

Reviewed by Lucy – Year 11

If you are interested in books filled with teenage drama, mystery and murder that also includes romance, rebellion and secrets, this book is the one to read.

It’s set in an American High school where five teenagers find themselves in detention and one ends up dead.


The book follows the four remaining characters throughout the aftermath of Simon’s death. We are taken on a journey deconstructing their lives and all their reasons as to why they had a motive to kill.


All of the characters have secrets, they each have their own reasons to silence Simon. The author slowly reveals who orchestrated Simon’s death and why.


I really enjoyed this book as the different stereotypes are explored to a further extent, and although those stereotypes are how the public views their lives, we follow their journey on how they came to be known as a geek, a jock, a princess, a criminal and a gossip.


I also found the questions that started forming in my head throughout the book made me want to know who killed him and why.


I would definitely recommend this book to other teens as I think it is a great murder mystery that is still in a sense relatable to the accused characters’ lives.

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