Granny Trouble Event

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Milo and I have been looking forward to this half-term for what feels like FOREVER - we're finally going to the National Space Centre, to meet a real-life space engineer! My whole family wanted to tag along and visit a festival first, where this super-famous, mega-expensive diamond is on display. But guess what? The diamond has been STOLEN! And the police think MY GRANNY did it so she's in serious TROUBLE. Someone needs to prove Granny Jas is innocent, so it looks like Milo and I might need to go UNDERCOVER. It's lucky I'm Anisha, Accidental Detective!

Tales on Moon Lane are delighted to announce author Serena Patel will be holding an extra special event for the release of the third book in the Anisha Accidental Detective series, Granny Trouble!.


On Friday the 20th of August at 2:30pm Serena will be reading an excerpt, talking about the book, how to write detective stories, and why grannies are such a big part of the book! This will be followed by a short activity to create your own granny disguise and secret club; and then Serena will be personally dedicating and signing copies!


This fun, interactive event will last approximately 45 minutes, and there are very limited spaces, so book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are £3 which can be redeemed off the price of the book. Recommended for ages 7+.