The BA Children’s Bookselling Group has announced The Story of Afro Hair  as its Independent Booksellers’ Children’s Book of the Month for October.


"I love indies because of the diversity they bring to our retail landscape. I enjoy their individuality, uniqueness and character. They support and serve their communities in a very personal way. I think it's important that we support our indies so they can continue to support us!" K.N. Chimbiri.

Written by Kandace Chimbiri, an author of Black history books for children, The Story of Afro Hair is the ultimate book of Afro hairstory! Kicking off with an explanation of how Afro hair types grow and why, this book is packed with stories that take readers back to Ancient Egypt all the way up to the Harlem Renaissance. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Congolese and Angolian illustrator, Joelle Avelino, The Story of Afro Hair celebrates the history, fashion and styles of Afro hair over the last 5,000 years. 

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Find Kandace Chimbiri and Joelle Avelino online:


Twitter @knchimbiri

Instagram @kandacechimbiri