This May, the Indie Book of the Month is Wilder Than Midnight by Cerrie Burnell. Cerrie is an award winning author, actor and activist and this new book is wonderfully gripping fairy tale full of twists and tangles.

"All books shops have a special place in my heart, but independent bookshops have their own unique enchantment, as if an extra layer of love has been pored over every shelf. They are a treasure trove of adventures just waiting to be discovered, and I find them so welcoming and bright. I could spend hours in independent bookshops, just browsing and reading and letting myself fall under their spell. So I could not be more excited that Wilder Than Midnight is indie book of the month for May. What a glorious honour.’  Cerrie Burnell

Set in Silverthorne, a land of secrets and magic, Wilder Than Midnight is the tale of three very different girls who come together to change their world forever.


Saffy is a good girl, tired of being told to stick to the forest paths, and always follow the rules. Aurelia is a hidden girl, locked in a castle tower, dreaming of escaping the fate she's told awaits her. Wild Rose is a fierce girl, raised by wolves, full of spells and fearlessness and cunning.

Perfect for readers with a love of magic and a taste for adventure, Wilder Than Midnight is a bold new fairytale that will sweep you off your feet. 

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