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Herne Hill Kids' Lit Fest Challenge



🐎 Hooray for Biscuits, roly-poly flying ponies, and best friends. 🍪

The fourth Challenge in the Herne Hill Kids' Lit Fest is based around the paperback release of Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit, the third book in the Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure series by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.

Our challenge for YOU this month is to go Krafty Krazy for Kevin.

Make sure you treat yourself to a nice hot drink and snack too.

A big thank you to Sarah, Philip, and the lovely folks at Oxford University Press who all deserve a biscuit, or three, for these wonderful resources!

kevin series.jpg

Kevin’s back for a third adventure!

Bumbleford Police find themselves trying to cope with not just one heist, but TWO!

Tiny guinea pig rascals Neville & Beyoncé have once again escaped from their hutch and are on the run, and Bumbleford has been rocked by a series of biscuit thefts.

All the clues lead straight to the only roly-poly flying pony in town, and Max’s best friend, KEVIN!

Max and Kevin are forced to go on the run.

Will they find the real culprit before Kevin ends up in pony prison?

Click on the books below to read more about them and buy copies, and check out the video trailer below.


1. Make a Biscuity Drinks Coaster to celebrate the launch of Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit; what type of biscuits will you choose to decorate them with (dark chocolate digestives are our faves)?

Follow author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre as she explains how to make these cute coasters, then sit back and enjoy a drink and some snacks as a reward for all your hard work. 

Sarah certainly deserves a treat for all the hard work she put in to make us this exclusive video.

2. Make your own Guinea Pig Comic.

Watch the video to see how to create your own adventure comic, learning pro comic-making tips such as Character Design, Plotting your story, Pencilling, Inking and Lettering.

3. Nice Biscuit vs. Nasty Biscuit.

Take Kevin's Biscuit Design Challenge and design packaging for the BEST biscuit you can imagine... and the WORST biscuit ever.

4. Help the Kevin is Innocent campaign using your persuasive writing skills.

5. Create a Comic Strip featuring Neville and Beyoncé.

Learn how to draw the two cunning guinea pigs and get help with thinking of a cunning plan they are hatching.

6. Create a Wanted Poster for any of the characters in the book (or anyone you know!) who have been a bit naughty.

7. Build a Bandit, who has at least 7 items of clothing on, to help them be the master of disguise.

8. Finally, learn how to draw your favourite characters - Kevin, Max and Daisy, sorry, Elvira.

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