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Being part of our local community is so important to us, so we want to cater for those who currently cannot visit, or want to support us from a distance too. We want to continue to inspire a life-long love of reading, and for everyone to benefit from our expertise and specialist knowledge of children's books. ​You can support us through online orders on our website, where we will be organising your purchases to be collected or posted out. 

We have also joined numerous shops in signing up to Bookshop UK, a new online platform which is a beneficial alternative to online giants, helping indies through lockdowns, this Christmas, and beyond.


Bookshop UK offers a new approach to virtual shopping, giving customers the power to support the local high street when they buy online. It provides an ethical marketplace for socially conscious shoppers that ensures independent bookshops receive profits from each sale they generate on the platform, and a percentage of all sales get divided and distributed equally between shops too, meaning every member benefits.

Bookshop UK is able to provide a personable feel, with specially curated booklists by knowledgeable people in the book industry, as opposed to an algorithm, helping book lovers to discover more and go beyond bestseller lists. Customers can explore each independent bookshop’s ‘store-front’ page, browsing lists of recommended titles as they would in store.

We hope you enjoy browsing our curated lists, which we will be regularly updating to reflect our ever changing lives. If you like a list or book we’ve chosen, please share it and spread the word!

How it works:

Every time you visit Bookshop UK to browse books, you help us and all the shops who are members, meaning we can keep bringing you the best children’s books and gifts out there.

How to ensure you are supporting us:

When you visit Bookshop UK, search for our store front page (Tales on Moon Lane) by clicking 'Find a Bookshop' and once you've visited the page, our logo will show up permanently in the top left hand corner - that means you’ve chosen to support us! Your cookies will remember this choice. To make it easy, click the button below to be taken directly there, and just bookmark or favourite the link so you support us every time you visit. If you get directed to the site by clicking on our links on social media posts, newsletters, our website shop, or external links that other people have shared of ours, you are supporting us too. If for whatever reason your choice of supporting shop preference changes in that corner, don't worry, simply revisit our page and it should revert back. 

Using the site:


Once you're in, shopping with us couldn't be simpler. Browse our lists of recommended reads and click on a title that piques your interest, then if you want to buy it, just 'add to basket', or save it for later by clicking 'add to wishlist' (and send it to Santa!). You can also check out other members' lists, and search for books that aren't on our lists by using the search bar at the top of the page, and you will still be supporting us, as long as our logo is still showing in that corner.


This partnership is a great way to complement our existing services. Every book that you can find that is in stock on Bookshop UK can be ordered directly from Tales on Moon Lane, so if you'd rather we got ALL of your support, then simply drop us and email at and we'll do the rest!

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