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When twins Ellery and Ezra have to move in with their grandmother in Echo Ridge, they are not expecting quite this level of drama - and death. On their first night they discover a victim of an apparent hit and run.

Two previous homecoming queens were killed years apart in this small-knit community, one being the aunt they never met. Now with warnings about a third attempt being imminent, they are worried what dark secrets everyone are hiding. Is Malcolm, whose brother was a suspect last time, someone to trust? 

Filled with suspense and twists that you won't see coming. Perfect for crime-obsessed fans like the main character Ellery, you'll be second-guessing everyone and everything. 

A refreshing cast of characters, where everyone has quite distinct personalities and feels well fleshed out, and a fast paced narrative that will have you racing to the thrilling conclusion. 

We’re really looking forward to reading Bus Stop Baby by Fleur Hitchcock (you can find Fleur on Twitter -@FleurHitchcock), published 2 weeks ago by Piccadilly Press, so it’s great to have her tackling our 5-4-3-2-1 feature today!

5 classics you wish more people were reading today

I’d like everyone to read The Mouse and His Child, by Russell Hoban, because it’s beautifully written, a slow story of redemption that still stands up years after it was written and still moves me.

The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster, because it’s magical.

The Runaway Summer by Nina Bawden which is an early tale of refugees and understanding of others.

101 Dalmatians, Dodie Smith.  It’s such a good story, and reads aloud really well too.