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Great to have THE DIABOLIC author SJ Kincaid on the site today talking about setting as a character! THE DIABOLIC is published 1st November (that’s TODAY!) by Simon & Schuster.

I’m the author of the INSIGNIA series, and the upcoming book, THE DIABOLIC. I could honestly go on and on about world building for these sci-fi novels in the future, but I’ll try to keep this from becoming a novel in itself. They are both sci-fi stories set in the future – one a bit further in the future than now. I’ve found one single element in world-building that is most critical for me: the setting.

I need a place where the action takes place. That’s what gives my imagination the images I need for devising the plot. There is usually one primary location where the majority of the action takes place, and it is almost a character in its own right.

In THE DIABOLIC, the main setting is the Chrysanthemum, the power centre of a vast galactic Empire. The Chrysanthemum itself is a superstructure of 2,000+ interlinked st...

Meet Zen Starling- a boy thief who has attracted attention of the worst criminal in the whole Universe. To save his family Zen agrees to take on a nearly impossible task.