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For those undecided on their reading but keen to have their brain’s stoked, Here I Stand by Amnesty International is a collection of short stories exploring our rights and freedoms, recently introduced policies and the institutional and individual responsibilities we all have.

The stories in this collection are written by a brilliant array of authors (Frances Hardinge, Jackie Kay, Neil Gaiman and others), each explaining their choice of theme and setting. These stories will make you think about what, in this political setting really matters, and remind us to follow the human instinct for kindness and justice while questioning the rules society lays out for us.

For readers aged 12+

Published by Walker Books, £7.99

This brutal (at times) but compassionate novel tells an important story about imagination and the power of stories.

Amina and her family are torn apart when war breaks out in the unnamed country where they live.

The family join the thousands of people fleeing and trying to find a safe place they can call home.

Incredibly moving and very topical.

For ages 12+

Reviewed by Kath