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Pug and Lady Miranda are back, and this time they are enjoying a lovely, peaceful seaside holiday… apart from a beach ball to the head, some missing treasure, being taken prisoner and some mean bullies. No wonder Pug is always a little afraid! Will Pug have to walk the plank, or will he save the day?

With its lively illustrations and sweet friendship, this madcap adventure will have you giggling at Pug and Lady Miranda’s escapades. Perfect for readers gaining confidence.

An inquisitive little boy follows a fly and is catapulted into an unexpected, colourful world, which is both mystifying and exciting.

Even though they do not speak the same language, he is at once made to feel welcome by the strange creatures he encounters. He experiences kindness and humour on his adventures, which are displayed in beautifully detailed spreads. He even manages to crash a wedding party!

Beautifully told through whimsical pencil illustrations, this wordless picture book showcases the true power of curiosity and finding friendship in unexpected places. A joy for all ages.

As huge fans of Tom Easton’s Boys Don’t Knit and his Our House series, we agree with him that funny books need love! We’re thrilled to be hosting this awesome guest post.

Humour in UKYA

I’ve been writing for over ten years and I write in different genres, for different age groups. I love the variety and I feel that I have learned so much as a writer by forcing myself to write outside my comfort zone for new audiences. I’ve written books which are “boys” books and books which are “girls” books (though I have to say I don’t change my writing style accordingly. Books are pretty much just books whoever the target market is).

The genre I love working in most of all is humour for YA. Not the easiest, I hasten to add. Humour is never easy and YA humour is very tricky indeed. But these are the books I love writing most. If I’m writing a chapter on a wet Tuesday in November, at 6.48am, on a train full of coughing, sneezing people, with a day of work stress awaiting me, then the last...

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