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‘Young, Gifted and Black’ is the celebratory, inspirational book the next generation (and previous generations) have been needing; especially as we need a bigger push for change to increase black representation and inclusivity across all fields. Families can marvel in the achievements of their ancestors through the beautiful illustrations and be inspired to delve further into obtaining their own brilliant goals by the narrative. Beginning with the infamous Mary Seacole in 1805, this book ventures through the years marking the celebrated and forgotten black figures in history who have been pioneers of their professions despite all the walls of prejudice being placed in their way. The names and lives of men and women who have formed the modern world jump from each page, every turn confronting the reader with more astounding people and their monumental accomplishments. The first ever black film director to win a golden globe sits beside the first African American to stage a public flight;...

As a huge fan of Clare Furniss, I’m delighted to celebrate the recent paperback release of How Not To Disappear by running this great guest post, and a Twitter competition!

How Not to Disappear tells the story of the relationship between teenage Hattie and Gloria, the larger-than-life great-aunt she never knew she had, who is in the early stages of dementia when Hattie first meets her. It felt really natural to me to write about this because there were a lot of strong older women around in my family when I was growing up and they played a big part in my life. Although Gloria is a completely fictional character there are definitely elements of my own family in there too.

I’d wanted to write about Alzheimer’s since I was a teenager myself. My Grandma had the disease when I was growing up. She died when I was fourteen and had been diagnosed with the disease for several years by then, almost for as long as I could remember really. I just accepted it as part of who she was. I rememb...

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