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Lovely series of rhyming tales about a little girl called Ava and her invisible cat.

It is holiday time and Ava is very excited about going on holiday to the seaside. But things don’t go according to plan, there is a lot of mischief and mayhem…. and Squishy finds himself in trouble, but who is going to save the day?

A new title in the series, just in time for the summer holidays. A great book for Early Readers with a good combination of rhyme and illustrations. A fun book full of adventure.

Ages 5+

Reviewed by Leah

Bay City beach has a problem – someone keeps stealing the sand! The cops are at the end of their wits and they enlist the help of the one and only STEVEN SEAGULL, a renegade ex-cop who does not always follow the rules.

Will Steven have what it takes to find the culprit and restore order in Bay City?

Steven Seagull is rich in detail, full of clues for children to discover and a great tribute to action heroes that the parents will enjoy too! 

Ages 3+

Reviewed by Tereze